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Perfect Sparkle (Perfect Dark Parody) by circuitsense Perfect Sparkle (Perfect Dark Parody) :iconcircuitsense:circuitsense 1 0 Pony Celebrations: Jaypool16 Graduation by circuitsense Pony Celebrations: Jaypool16 Graduation :iconcircuitsense:circuitsense 3 4 Ponified Birthdays 2: Lauren Faust and Me! by circuitsense Ponified Birthdays 2: Lauren Faust and Me! :iconcircuitsense:circuitsense 3 3 Ponified Birthdays: Lauren Faust and Me! by circuitsense Ponified Birthdays: Lauren Faust and Me! :iconcircuitsense:circuitsense 5 7 Birthday: Andrea Libman by circuitsense Birthday: Andrea Libman :iconcircuitsense:circuitsense 11 2
The Crystal Engine Intro Revised
The Crystal Engine Introduction
The imagination, an infinite void of space where ideas take their first form, where one can use the things they’ve seen to create something new. Everyone uses it, but what is unique about each person is how they use it. How they use it really depends on what appears within it.
Some can hear music, and become musicians. Some can see pictures, and become artists. Some see buildings, and become architects. Whatever one sees, hears, or feels within the imagination becomes the inspiration to make it a reality.
Things that appear within the imagination are ideas. An idea is something that mainly comes from the emotions of a person, something that comes from the heart. However, not all of our ideas are bright and colorful for creation. Some ideas can make one feel they’re…sick.
My name is Ryan, and I feel this kind of sick. Sick with a type of disease that is not simply cured by medicine, sick with a virus that has infected my emotions. The i
:iconcircuitsense:circuitsense 0 1
Expressive: Journey Into The Heart
Darkness shrouds regions of the heart
Like a scab on an open cut that will stay
Only the holder can pick it apart
Because other hands will be slapped away
The heart contains a certain light
But the darkness serves as a malicious mask
It has the ablilty to purge the night
But it must be strengthened to do the task
One must go through the darkness, go through the pain
The emotional stress will drive one insane
But don’t stop the journey all in vain
Keep in mind, the beast can be slain
You have two objects that will take you through
A map you draw during your black bath
And you have a torch fueled by faith from you
Illuminating the darkened path
Branching paths extend to the unknown
But only one contains the light
Other paths can lead to a torturous zone
The decision makes you feel tight
You take one path, you hope for the best
An angry tentacle grabs your chest
The wrong path that you have guessed
Leaving your emotions down and depressed
You’re now wounded, hurt from the mons
:iconcircuitsense:circuitsense 0 0
Ponified Birthdays: Daniel Ingram by circuitsense Ponified Birthdays: Daniel Ingram :iconcircuitsense:circuitsense 20 5
Expressive: We are All Creators
An idea comes and it is here to stay
It must be created or it will never go away
Your tools to build it like a tower
Your talent that is your godly power
Then you show it to the world, and the people give it a shot
But only some will believe in you, and some will not.
Some will criticize your creation and send a nasty letter
But others will follow you, and pray to you to make better
It’s all interesting really, but it’s not at all odd
You create something even if your skill is lowly
And when you create something, you are a god
So in a sense we are all holy.
:iconcircuitsense:circuitsense 0 8
Having Fun With Android by circuitsense Having Fun With Android :iconcircuitsense:circuitsense 2 1 Hippie Fluttershy Redeux by circuitsense Hippie Fluttershy Redeux :iconcircuitsense:circuitsense 8 4 Thank You For 20k Views! by circuitsense Thank You For 20k Views! :iconcircuitsense:circuitsense 16 8 Ponified Birthdays: My Sister by circuitsense Ponified Birthdays: My Sister :iconcircuitsense:circuitsense 3 0 Art Request: KyoKusagani1999 Massage by circuitsense Art Request: KyoKusagani1999 Massage :iconcircuitsense:circuitsense 6 8 Brony Fest: OC Competition Submission by circuitsense Brony Fest: OC Competition Submission :iconcircuitsense:circuitsense 2 2 Comic: OVER 9000 VIEWS! by circuitsense
Mature content
Comic: OVER 9000 VIEWS! :iconcircuitsense:circuitsense 0 4


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Well I got controllers to work on this sequel, I would recommend using xInput for XBox controller emulation. My Dualshock 4 wouldn't work too well without something like Input Mapper, but hey, that's the standard for most gamepad supported desktop games! And yes, I know controller support implies that I will have to make the menus controller friendly.

Speaking of which...

Let's not cluster the game and all the menus together shall we? Taking advantage of the top level frames to seperate the preloader, intro, menus, and game. Not only should that keep away the unwanted sprites taking up memory, but it's also great for debugging. I pretty much designed the first to make me see the preloader, intro, and menus before finally testing something out in the game. Lol XD

I won't say much to spoil the surprise, but I'll say this. Clouds and rainbows. With similar fluidity as the first.

So far this has been a fun challenge to work on. Can't wait to finally release it...but of course I must wait or I'll start rushing.

Quick question before closing, should I stream? I've never done it before, but to help my awful stage fright, maybe I should.

See you guys in the next update!
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Hi there, my name is circuitSense. I am most familiar with Flash, but I'm also starting up on drawing and Photoshop. I am a brony, and circuitSense is my brony name that I go by. I can animate and Actionscript is most possibly my specialty, but I decided that I need to learn how to draw graphics in order to work with them.


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Happy Birthday, circuitsense ! From Galicia (SPAIN) to the world, keep it up the great work, sir & CARPE DIEM! <3 ;3

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Happy B-day!! Happy Birthday Godliek :D Sprinkle Pop birthday 
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Alecindas Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello similarly colored horse!
circuitsense Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yellows FTW!
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YEs!   And brown!!!
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